Herculean Rules of Successful Investing.

Start Early

If You Want To Create Wealth Over Time Two Things Matter Roi & Time Frame. So Maximizing Your Time Frame Will Maximize Your Returns Even If Your ROI Is Average.

Invest Consistently

Doesn’t Mean You Need To Invest Every Time, It’s Okay Not To Trade Someday When Stocks Are Not Trading At Reasonable Valuation But Refrain From Long Breaks

Think Long Term

“Only Buy Something That You’d Be Perfectly Happy To Hold If The Market Shut Down For 10 Years.”

-Warren Buffett

We Don’t Need To Say More.

Diversify Your Portfolio

You Increase Your Chances Of Destroying Your Portfolio By Limiting Yourself To 1 Or 2 Stocks. Save Yourself From That By Diversifying Your Investment to 5 Or More Stocks.

Never Borrow To Invest

Always Invest The Amount You Have Surplus Don’t Get Yourself Into A Debt.

Invest In What You Believe

Convince Yourself Why You Want To Invest In Particular Stock With Reasons & Facts.

Ignore The Short Term Fluctuations

Stock Markets Work On Sentiments Of Greed & Fear, Fluctuations Are Bound To Happen If Fundamentals Of Company Are Strong Ignore Short Term Fluctuations.

Invest What You Can When You Can

Investing Even 500 Will Matter For You Always Remember Time Plays Big Role In Compounding.

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